Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Vague Tire

life is always around, dear.
round & round until you got tired and "i think i'm gonna vomit" scene is the best part that might sneak into your comfy sleep in the middle of the night.

exagerrating? that's not my thing.
i do living my life precisely in a way which i'd love to call a "realistic" than bitter - as you might say.

being astound to one and the other scenes is not my call, but still, i do have a heart to tell "sorry, thank you, & please" part.

so, what's our current issue?


happen to occur, this word brings you annoyed by those horrible shadows which find you fail to be shammed even in your happiest smile ever seen.

people usually find this as a matter of fact that remorse is unacceptable, unbearable, & inevitable. it's way better for you to be wiser than ever or at least being aware of what happens next.
remorse always comes too late.

it bugs you more than you expect if you're tend to deny it.
but the fact is, you're only human & denying is the best act you would do to save your butt -*sorry to say*- out of the fire.

the fancy part is, even if you know that remorse is all you might got when you're playing with "fire", still it doesn't mean that you'd prefer to use your tiny little brain to work it out.

then i watched this movie, which combine the word "what" and "if". i forgot precisely how it might have been said, but what i remind is "both words are just simple words but if you combine it with one another, it might be a simple question that haunts you whenever & wherever you go" -- "what if"

even in my any logical explanation, this simply question i foresee will haunt me more than what i'm aware of - only if i trapped myself in a silly circumstance.

the thing is, people do have a remorse, including me.
they might have a worst remorse that unbearable and it might able to evolve them in a hardship, ONLY if they are fully understand that remorse is a gift from the past.

you might did something bad or something that you might promise you wouldn't do if you had given one more chance to take it back.
Life seems like a vague tire which able to round and move forward instead of roll it back like you wanted to be.

cursing, blaiming and complaining won't last you in a good shape of future you dream about.
so like Oasis said, "don't look back in anger" because if you were have a remorse to be paid of, just one thing to be recalled: remorse is a gift from the past that courages you to belief yourself that "you will always have a better choice - if you want it to be".

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