Minggu, 07 Agustus 2011

what's yet to come


As you might say,is the name of people who get along when your family not. Know you better than any of your spouses will. Accept you than any of your boyfriends\girlfriends do.

They just do, for no specific reason, found you with all sort of your lacks.

They're our reflection of what we do, our closest picture of what we are, and our dirty little secret of what we had :) They're just something that keep us.

In fact, however mesmerizingly they touch your life, doesn't mean that they will stay forever next to you. There are times when they weren't there when you need them the most. There are times when they weren't be on your side and choose wherever you did, and there are times when they were just being nice&stay as long as they can, but at the end of the day, your path will cross :)

Anger, sadness, betrayal you name it until farewell are things that may be unbearable in friendship. Some things just matter when it comes to people you love.

People may change, feelings may gone, but memories that you made are golden. It stays forever and will haunt you down if you are willing to deny it.

And the truth will reveal its seal.

Wherever you go, your path will cross again and again and again. Someday, somewhere, in a perfect moment that you might foreseen about what's yet to come.

Even if it's not, try to remember:
The end of something, is always the beginning of the other things :)

Best regards.

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