Sabtu, 19 November 2011

If You Stop to Step

What happen if you stop to step?
What happen if you stop to try?
What happen if you stop believing?
and so on.

such some cliche questions.

but those questions will remain the same if you start to think about "stopping".

Usually people start to think to stop when they meet the obstacles, when they thought they couldn't bear the feeling of failure, undesirable or unexpectable results. People will be chickened out when they feel insecure. And for sure, the feeling of failure is the best place to feel insecure.

But if they really look into the root, they will find out that the actual wick of the insecure feeling is started by themselves.

Yes, you are by yourself is the one who decides whether you could bear the challenge or not.
You are the one who asks yourself to "stop" while you're trying & choose to let people to see how pathetic you are.
Worst, you are the one who hurt yourself for not letting yourself to prove that you could face the matters - which stands right in front of you.

Dealing the reality.
Reality bites-for sure-but it won't bite you if you know exactly how friendly reality is.
yes, reality is your teacher, your friends, your parents, whoever or whatever you want it to be. And as a teacher, friends -real friends, parents, they won't let you be blunt or blind.
You need to see, hear, & act, by your own words.

You live in the world & surrounded by people you believe, not to tell you what to do, but to tell you what they want you to do just because they want you to tell them what exactly you want to do.

And if you want to feel jealous to someone else, please pick up yourself first. Because you will see somebody who actually has so many talents but to shy to show it up or the reverse, to cocky to let people know how capable you are of something.

Win or lose, is only a word. But if you "stop to step", it means the world.
Nothing is constant, but the fact that life goes on & you will always need to step, whatever happened yesterday, or will happen today & tomorrow.

So later on if you want to stop, just remember:
"you will stop dealing with yourself".


Jumat, 18 November 2011

guys,i'm pregnant

Guys,I'm pregnant.
There's something in my tummy writhing like it's going to scream.
It contains of pain of my conscience.
Such a convict in a cold tummy.

Guys,I'm pregnant.
I don't know which doctor or what kind of specialist shall I meet to overcome this little buddy inside my tummy.
And the best part is this little buddy is starting to influence my brain.I feel numb and my body is stiff,rigid like a dead body. Am I going to be a zombie soon enough ?

Guys,I'm pregnant.
All I can do know is starting to think about my little buddy's future.where will it be,when will it be,&whom to show its coming.

Guys,I'm surely do - pregnant !
So would you please stop telling me,"john,get real, don't do pregnancy".

in the matter of fact.

I have my own conscience as my fetus. It could be a big baby who is screaming aloud & sometimes the more we held its voice..the easier we get to vomit.
So guys, me;you;and everybody..we do pregnancy. We do keep our 'babies' alive up until we reach the limit to keep it stop to hide itself. We do pregnancy with the idea,conscience,work, the babies.

So,when will you giving a birth?


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