Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Imaginary World

What are we?

Living a world, that would never be true. we are hoping that we are living the right thing in a right way with a right reason.
spoiled people could easily moaning & crawling some help just to get their problems done. to get things done.

which there'd never be.

nothing will be done.

it's just like a snowball, rolling from a little thing which gets smooth & apparently it's getting bigger & you think that you couldn't handle it.

Live is a snowball. you create it. you imagine how big will it be & how perfect the form will be. where will it be rolling, through which way will it reach the end & end up like a burst.

if you mind being a picky in a selfish world, please don't mind to be a little bit bitter due to there'd never be an end for everything.

-because an end is a new beginning of something else-

don't cost your life at stake, cause it is already at stake whenever you decide to wake up & live your life.

please don't say that you are living a hard life, like people around you are living their life easier, because no one life is easier than the others. & asking to switch your life & their life, will be a futile idea.

they just decide how to handle it. how to face it. how to overcome.
you would never be able to live someone's life & so do he/she.
you've been great with yours, anyway.

the one who matters problems will end up in a hard life, as he/she might wanted it to be.

see here, sometimes, people-do-ask-a-hard-life.

if you don't believe this, pls take a mirror & see yourself, how would it be if you do the other things for your life.
will it be that harder? or much easier?

you are saying that you are living a hard life - well, it sounds like you wish that whatever you are living now to be considered as a hard time for everyone.

pls don't blame life since you are the one who matters it.

why would you be afraid of what you're going to do?

we'll die anyway-sooner or later.

whenever will it be, you'd still be astonished.

world would never be true. it is just an imaginary thing created by people' fairy tale ever happened, & it'd be a waste to go ask for the real thing.

while you are one of the creator of the unreal world.

i'm not asking somebody to start asking his/her life after all.

i'm only wondering, why should u bother to matter the world while you are one of the preposition?

the moment you are asking yourself, you will ask what you had left & passed.

-while you don't have anything at all-

you born naked & fragile. you'd be back to be naked & more fragile at the end of the day.

yes, at the end of the day. you were one of the creators.

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