Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

you had me at hello

"People change, feelings change. it doesn't mean the love once shared wasn't true and real. it simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart"

a quote taken from a movie.

one of my favorite movie, which shows that the expectation doesn't always go along with reality. true.

i'm having all this crap floating on my mind, crawling & is about to burst.love matters? nope. too melancholic & vague. i'd like to call it "feelings".

something that happens to you when you wake up in the morning & find out that you were never be sure with somebody you're with. you failed to spell the words, you just know.

or you just realize it when somebody asking you, "is it still there?" & you couldn't give the answer.

and so on.

well, truth is, we will never be sure with somebody/anybody.

because we never be 100% sure of ourselves.

you know that somebody had you at hello & the next thing you met him/her, you don't even have any reason to hold them into your life. trying to keep them away. make a shortcut to end this beautiful live story you ever proud of. out of the blue.

or you have somebody, had you at hello & the next thing you met him/her, you don't even have any reason to hold them into your life. but you just like to keep them there no matter happen. though feelings change, you still need them to complete your life.

feelings are fragile. trust, prejudice, pride, all stored into memories, that you turn over and over again just to remind yourself that you are still able to retrieve the feelings felt in that time.

memories that keep you alive.
as a reminder that feelings are so vague, fragile, & forgotten.

but once feelings change, lies are something that you got.
while you give it a shot for honesty, you only get it worse.

how do we keep these feelings to feel the same thing & felt as same way you had it the very first time?

truth, we don't.

we may be able to remind how it feels or how did it come to you. but no one could avoid it when it comes to fade.

what you are capable of is, to feel different feelings to the same person in each day, each time, whenever & wherever.


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