Minggu, 13 Desember 2015

Its Complexity

Human minds are complex. I read these words today and somehow it's embedded in my head. Haunting me around as it got me stunned by its meaning. Well, you don't need rocket science to get its meaning. Human minds are complex is a self explanatory. I read a story about a heroine who were juggling around and struggled a lot just to prove how useful she is. However, the more she tried to be, it always came to be she is the one to be saved. But she is indeed a heroine. She doesn't have any super power. She struggles a lot to find what she's good at. She found difficulties to acknowledge her own abilities, because what she's looking at is the ability people look up to. Not her own abilities. At the end, after she found how vulnerable and weakling she is, she eventually stood up to be a heroine by admitting her true colours. Yes, after long debate and tired of denial, she stood up. She faced herself. She pull herself together. She took control of herself so then she could be the heroine of her own. Guess what ? Her only ability is to love. She loves her people. She sincerely tries to protect her loved ones. She didn't take them for granted. She didn't turn her back when her loved ones hurt her. She trust them and she gives them all. No matter how cruel and how bad her loved ones tried to get rid of her, she would come back and fought for them. She didn't let her loved ones go through the battles by themselves even though she couldn't be their shield or the saviour of all. She only has her love which became the power of all. Sounds cliche ? Think of it. When you feel like loving makes you more human and weak.. But at the same time the solid your feelings are, the stronger you become. You have a reason to fight. You have something to protect. Human minds are complex. You need to get rid of your own ego just to see yourself crystal clear. When you caught up by your own ego, your own desires, you start to have these feelings; love, anger, jealousy, hatred, and so on. You forget what's important. You turn down your loved ones. You want everything more and more until you get tired and fed up of yourself and you don't even know what exactly do you want. Come to think of it, I too don't have the level of maturity to act as the heroine in my real life. I follow my desires. I don't get rid of my own ego. I'm eager to be a heroine people look up to. The bigger I want myself to be, the smaller I become. The only thing left in myself now which more likely the same as the heroine; I too have people I want to protect. I too have people who become my reason. I want to be strong. To keep my head up and walking side by side with people I look up to. I want to be my kind of heroine. Bear with me. Until its time. Human minds and its complexity; is a gift.

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