Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Safe Flight !

What do you expect when you say "safe flight" to somebody ? Nice landing ? Safe trip ? Arrived safely ? Well, for me it depends on where do you think the person is going. In normal circumstances, when you see your friend is leaving for vacation - working - travelling.. You convey this message to show your wish for the person's safety while going to the destination. You wish everything is going to be fine and hoping to see a smile drawn on that person's face so that you actually have that warm feeling that everything is going to be fine. That you will get another chance to see that person. One day. Somewhere. Someday. Today, I'm sending off one of my teacher that I know him by heart. Well not literally "sending him off" like dropping him by the airport. But more like sending him prayers for all the best things on him and may lucks along his way afterwards. I wasn't being a very nice student. Often challenging his lectures and ended up getting to know more and learn more. I learned many things from him. Not only about my knowledge in working, how to go through life, and how to smile. I think the best thing he taught me is how to smile. Life is not as perfect and beautiful as you hope and you expect to, but smile is the only way to go through it. No matter how hard, no matter how sad, no matter how do you feel about it, the show must go on. Indeed, the show must go on. Shit happens. You go down and doomed. It happens. That's life. You had enough. You fed up. You don't know where to hide. But you have people around you who look up on you. I still need to learn many things but I know he'll always be there. So, I hope and I'm sure that you go to a better place and we'll meet again at better moment. Safe flight, Boss. To those nice beaches and sunshine. To wherever you go. And whatever is waiting for you there. À bientôt, Monsieur.

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