Senin, 28 Desember 2015

Silent Conversation

Do you ever feel like talking to the night ? I mean, like looking at the view outside the car at night and feels like your mind is going somewhere else, having a conversation with the night sky which is having a sweet company named the lights. Your body stays still but your mind is going round and round, occupied by thoughts you had during the daylight. You feel so tired that your brain is actually numb but you need to get your brain busy of things. You have this feeling when you don't feel like talking to somebody or someone, that you just need to make a conversation. To something that doesn't respond to you at all. But something that makes you react honestly. Until out of the blue you start making these scenarios in your head, take 1.. Take 2.. Take 3.. Few or more scenarios of "what if"s. You re-play related scenes of your memories in your head. Things you might or might not be doing. Things you could only imagine to happen but it didn't and it wouldn't in any case. Then the lights suddenly become blurry and looks so vague that you are actually realise that you're just stuck in a moment. You imagine things you could've done better but you didn't do it anyway. You imagine of what life would be but you didn't put yourself all out that you missed the chance. You got scared of the consequences. Or things you got trapped of and you tried so hard to figure it out but you couldn't find yourself at the right place, right time or right door. You heard this gentle voice that is talking to you, pulling your off your very own conversation that actually happen in your head only and you see this marker at the side of the road saying "something big is coming". You close your eyes and slowly inhaling and exhaling.. You gotta continue the show and watch how it becomes. Your time has not come yet. You need to get yourself together. See things with your heart. If only you have something left in your heart now. This is what you call a silent conversation. As it was made not to solve anything, but to give you some rest trying to get rid of boundaries and its burden. When you're having that conversation, the night will only listen and the lights will keep you company. A sweet company.

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