Selasa, 22 Desember 2015

The Intersection

I always think that the airport is an intersection. People come and go, have different destinations, have different goals, have different adventures or stories to make, waiting for their arrival. People in the airports have expectations, either those who are waiting to pick up or send away somebody or even those who are going to leave or arrive to their destinations. They may set their expectations earlier or even right after they step their feet in the airport. Well sometimes you don't really aware of what's waiting for you in your destination.. It feels nostalgic whenever I see someone who looks daydreaming in the airport. I always have those days where I imagine what kind of adventure that is waiting for me, either for working or having a vacation. I will meet many people from different backgrounds, different places, different values, different point of view, different way of living. It feels magic to me when I can imagine those thoughts of what kind of stories I will make with that person, how are we going to meet, people I may not think will be a friend of mine or even becoming "my people". Don't you think that life is such a gift with soooo many gift wraps to cover it up? Sometimes you need to figure out what is your actual gift. You got a box, you tried to open it, but all you could find is gift wraps by gift wraps. Until you got tired et voila ! Suddenly you have opened the last gift wrap and found your gift. Ps: a gift is not always something that you like :) You went through stories, you met amazing people, you made memories, then you found out the moral of the stories. Thing you need to remember, it's not always easy to figure it out as sometimes you don't even have any idea of what is the moral of the story until you spent years of searching, wondering, and juggling in the same place. It is not always easy to go through, to figure it out, and to accept the gift. I need to pull myself together as well when I thought it's a dead end. I sometimes forget that what I need to do is to figure out another route to get out from the labyrinth. So, the real question here is actually not what is your destination. But who do you pick to accompany you to get to that destination. Because you need the right person to enjoy the ride ;) Good luck, Sifa

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